The website does not appear correctly

The ideal is to visit this website from a computer, PC or Mac, since this way you can view its content better. If you are on a Smartphone, you can activate the «desktop view» option which contains a wide variety of models and browsers.

I don't want my profile to appear in reviews on the home page

There is no problem removing images where your username and comment appear, just send me a message letting me know!

How can I send a note or chat message?

You can send me a note by pressing the button at the top right with a letter icon, sliding the pointer over this icon will display a text that says «Send Note». By pressing it, you can write the title and description of your message. If you prefer to chat, in your DeviantArt profile, slide the pointer over the letter icon at the top right, next to your profile photo, a menu will be displayed which, in one corner, says «Chat ➨». Pressing will open a page where you can start a chat on the icon with a pencil. Important note, this DeviantArt option is still in Beta status, so it is a somewhat slow option. So alternatives could be Instagram, Twitter or adding me on Discord as «shiniwolf».

My commission does not appear in the queue

Generally I usually update the Queue page very quickly to have all the commissions up to date and so that you can see their process without problem. So just wait a little while until the page refreshes.

My commission appears in Queue but I don't want it to appear

I have no problem with hiding orders on the public Queue page, since they can be tracked privately.