What settings do you use in your drawing software?

My main drawing software are Paint Tool Sai v2 (contains fewer bugs) and Clip Studio Paint. I usually change the settings of the brushes and textures at the time I draw, without establishing a definitive one.

What do you draw and how long does it take you?

Drawing animals and furry art is my specialty, I am currently practicing human figures and backgrounds. When I do it without rest I usually take little time, however, it can take me days if I have a lot of things on me.

Can I remove the signature from commissioned drawings?

Not really, as that would be stealing art or taking credit away from the original artist.

Can I post the commission I requested?

Of course, you can post it, use it as a profile photo or banner, even create your own t-shirt with the image, just remember to credit my name.

Can I collab with you?

If I have time and we can contact each other, have no problem.

How often do you stream?

I do it rarely on weekends. When I’m studying I don’t usually do it much unlike during vacations.

What language do you speak?

I speak Spanish but I have no problem writing other languages with a little help.