Test entry, date is probably wrong

I am currently editing the website as best I can. My goal is for it to be accessible and comfortable to view from PCs, tablets and cell phones, and also to ensure that there are no broken links, along with updated information.

I’ve wanted animations for a long time, it took me a while to understand how it worked, but I’m happy with the result I’m getting.

I remember having started editing the page beforehand at least three times. I feel every new step as an enriching experience. When everything is ready, I will still be open to receiving more commissions and YCHs. Speaking of YCHs, I also feel like I should create some new ones.

Regarding the situation of time and availability, I am still studying at the university, which takes up a lot of my time, but before returning to classes, I would like to leave a page decent enough so that they are not broken blocks or incomprehensible articles.

I’ll leave this as a test post and will post more in the future. I know that maybe not many people will read it, but I am happy that there is a small piece of me inside this page. Thank you all very much for your patience and time in viewing this. It really motivates me.

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