New page list and new news of the year

Hello everyone! This is already the second update. It took me a couple of days but I managed to update the main page theme with animations and everything as best I could. Feeling happy with the result.

Tomorrow I start classes again, which is a challenge to dedicate myself to drawing, I understand that time must be dedicated to it but it is somewhat complicated when you do several things at the same time. I won’t give up, I know it’s very difficult for me to leave this. No matter how small it is.

I am very grateful to the users who have trusted me and have asked me for commissions, exchanged adopts and acquired YCHs, I feel happy to work!

It will probably be active again in about five more months, for now, I just have to publish posts here that come to mind throughout the year.

I know I shouldn’t write this since I usually don’t say anything until I finish something, but I would like to one day publish a fourth Kirby fan-comic, since it is a big emotional burden for me, it’s just great to draw those adorable, circular creatures. running around with characters that, surprise, aren’t all that «canon» in the games yet, ha ha! Well, in the end I do it for fun and because I like to share those things with the community.

Lastly, I should start publishing more video formats since that is what, apparently, is what people prefer to see and I have no problem doing it, it just takes a little more time.

Anyway, I have to go to sleep right now, tomorrow will be a nice day. Thank you very much to those who read these posts with improvised messages! You make an artist very happy!

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